A sound base from which to understand Islamic extremism

2nd edition cover

Burke offers an extremely insightful, readable and analytical treatment of the origins of modern Islamic radicalism and debunks earlier, “Terror, Inc” assessments of al-Qaeda as a monolithic organisation with a global span and reach.  Indeed, the very formulation of the acronym ‘AQT’ (for al-Qaeda-Taliban) in the early days of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ arguably demonstrates the great possibility of misguided analysis of the nature of al-Qaeda.  Instead, Burke shows us how viewing al-Qaeda through the respective models of the university, the venture capitalist firm, and a commissioning house of jihadi operations like the ‘Manhattan gizwa‘ provides a more useful conception of a phenomenon that is not new, but has been able to harness the best and the brightest of globalisation to push its anti-modern, millenarian agenda that hides behind an excuse for a cosmic ‘clash of civilisations’ to fulfill its markedly political aims.


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