Post-HK thoughts

Days 4 and 5 of HK were terrible because my running nose suddenly decided to take a turn for the worse, and self-medication didn’t work.  I actually had to pass up exploring on Saturday evening and stayed in the hotel while WS orgas-ed herself shopping at Granville.  Managed to drag my sick ass to the Avenue of the Stars for some hazy skyline pics on Day 5, then caught the delayed flight home and paid a visit to the doc this afternoon.  After two doses, things seem to be looking up but I’m not so keen on venturing out – you wouldn’t believe how much sniffling, wheezing and coughing I had to put up with in HK.  It seems everyone’s coming down with something.  All in all, I can’t say it was the best-est trip I had, because being sick while on vacation is really sucky, but it wasn’t at all bad, even though we didn’t get to go to explore Citygate @ Tung Chung because somebody had to return to Tai Koo on Day 4 to exchange a pair of shoes.Couple of things struck me about HK and her people, now that I’ve had more time to think it over:

  • HKers really work hard. I mean hard.  For example, it was close to midnight and this woman who was hawking her company’s massage services (no I don’t mean that kind of service) was still hard at work trying to pull in customers.  They don’t seem to get a moment’s rest, that’s what I observed.
  • HKers do things really fast and get impatient with you if you are not quick on the uptake. Witness how quickly they grab the available seats on the trains.  And no smiling go-out-of-their-way-to-make-you-feel-privileged or anything.  Their cold efficiency – from hotel concierges to salespeople – makes Singaporeans look and behave like Mother Teresa.  WS is pretty pissed with them cos they don’t seem all too concerned about service excellence.  I say, who cares?  They’re out to make a living – niceties be damned.  Money talks loudest in HK.
  • Still, there’s a buzz in HK that you don’t get to see in SG.  From the grittier parts of Kowloon to the polished designer togs of Central and LKF, there’s an edge about HK that is akin to life in New York City. Plus the weather – 19 to 25 degrees – is so much better than in SG.  If given a chance, I’d be willing to spend some time working in HK.  At least that’ll give me an opportunity to brush up on my very halting Cantonese.

Pictures some other time – after I retrieve my camera cable at work.


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