Watching the evening lights twinkle at The Peak

Day 2 of HK, and reflecting on what’s happened while drinking mocha while the evening lights twinkle on The Peak, I’ve realised why the HK girls look so good – with the great weather and the abundance of cheap, fashionable clothes available.  As far as my booty is concerned, I just got an Esprit windbreaker and belt, a bottle of Gio, and a couple of 9/11 documentaries.  That, plus Moya Brennan’s Signature, which I couldn’t find in HMV Heeren.  Yung Kee’s geese is highly recommended, but we ate so much today at lunch we couldn’t order dessert.  Central is so much cooler than Shenton Way, with taller scrapers and more hip people.  Will probably not venture into LKF, but am trying to score a walk down TST Promenade and the Avenue of the Stars.  Will definitely check out Citigate at Tung Chung way down in Lantau, but SZ is still up in the air at this point.  Maybe a trip out to Macau, I’m not sure.  HK combines old world charm with cut throat modernity, and that’s possibly why it’s such an inviting place to live in.  Even the MTR display panels have lights indicating the stations – now why can’t our MRT do that as well?

Gotta stop here and decide where to head off to next.  WS is diarying even as we speak, but she’s doing it the low-tech way.


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