Doesn’t lionise the GWOT, but offers lamb answers instead

lions for lambs poster

After some procrastination, I finally caught Lions for Lambs, to hear what more could be said about the GWOT and America’s foreign policy of preemption in response to it.  Unsurprisingly, the film didn’t go as far as it could have gone, beyond positing the often-posited issues: blind patriotism vs apathetic bitching, the media’s compromised role as the fourth estate, and the military’s half-assed tactical understanding of the game in Afghanistan as well as Iraq.  Was Glenn Close supposed to be a female Woodward as well as the Judith Miller apologist?  Were Finch and Rodriguez really thinking that what they were doing during the mountaintop face-off was ‘engaging’ the enemy as opposed to needlessly getting owned because some Wolfowitz-type White House wannabe still holds on to a ‘whatever it takes’ strategy to get them out of a mess they had no business getting into in the first place?  In short, Lions doesn’t really try to clear the air, so much as muddy the waters.  If anything, they should have threw in a shot of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial just for the hell of it.


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