‘Razor’ brings back BSG’s edge

kendra shaw, kitchen hand

Just had a major BSG fix recently, now that the special DVD-length movie ‘Razor’ is available for viewing. A special mention goes to Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen, who plays the conflicted Kendra Shaw (above), haunted by a terrible secret she’s had to live with since her introduction to the Pegasus. You gotta love the Aussie accent, but also how she gradually loses her doe-eyed innocence to the brutal necessities of war and becomes herself brutalised by what she has to do in the name of survival.

On the brighter side, we also get to see Marcia “Showboat” Chase (played by Stephanie Von Pfetten) again, if only for a short time. God she’s hot. Please, please, give her an episode of her own. She owns the Pegasus (and now Galactica) deck, man.


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