woodward’s hedged account

bush at war cover

Am a little surprised I got through Woodward’s first book on the wartime Bush administration in just 2 days, but more surprising is how Woodward’s account seems – depending on which camp you’re in – cunningly hedged or plainly objective. Like Suskind, Ricks and Hersh, Woodward makes plain the neocons’ (read Cheney and Wolfowitz) thirst for war and preemptive unilateralism, but treats the subject of GWB, and to a certain extent Tenet, with velvet gloves. Dubya is potrayed as both piously idealist (in the international relations sense of the word) and more strategic in his world view than Suskind or any of the others give him credit for. Woodward is by far less critical of Rumsfeld than the other accounts, and one wonders if the gloves do finally come off in Plan of Attack and State of Denial. Well, might as well finish the trilogy now.


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