Looking for a GWOT reading list? Try Hoffman’s insightful ‘Inside Terrorism’

inside terrorism 2nd edition cover

Just finished the library’s copy of Bruce Hoffman’s revised and expanded edition of Inside Terrorism, which JL recommended I take a look. And she wasn’t kidding. Just by looking at how Hoffman devotes one entire chapter of his time dissecting and discussing the various eytmological evolutions of the word ‘terrorism’, you get the sense that this is one well-researched and authoritative tome. And indeed it is. Hoffman’s analysis is lucid, comprehensive and penned in a prose that’s easy on the eye and brain and yet without the hyperbolic sabre-rattling that many of his contemporaries are wont to do. I found his analysis of the evolution of the role of the media in transmitting the symbolic messages of terrorism to be particularly enlightening. Too bad he does not delve into detail on the counterterrorism policy prescriptives he lists to combat this new and particularly violent form of political theatre.


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