weekend roadie

so my sis leaves her car with me this weekend, and zipping along with it these 2 days was a really enlightening experience. For one thing, if you stay too long in the driver’s seat, you really gotta be able to hold it in and then quickly find a place to piss. For another, learning how to read a street directory is absolutely essential. Everything mostly went ok – including parking in enclosed spaces which really is about knowing how to orientate the vehicle right at the beginning and visualising, with the help of the mirrors, its position before entering the lot – the biggest screw-up being a mistake turning off AMK Avenue 1 (when we should have kept on going straight) and then finding ourselves on the SLE heading north. But then it was at night, and things really look different from behind the wheel at night. All in all, it’s true what they say about the best way to persuade someone to buy a car – let him have use of one during the weekend. One taste of personal transportation, and you’re hooked.


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