Halfway point

40+ down, 60+ to go. Progress?  You be the judge.

Attended the latest birthday soiree with PT, Mrs PT, HS, ML, AW, YT, AF, Mrs AF, NH, YH and LQ  at Dian Xiao Er @ Vivo.  The newest editions to these gatherings: little Master PT and CL.  LT and Mrs LT could not make it on account of sick little Ms LT.  Boy is the group getting bigger and bigger. Their biggest table couldn’t really fit us all; we had to squeeze really hard.  If the numbers keep increasing, sooner or later we’ll have to book the entire restaurant. Or end up potlucking something to someone’s house.  Either way, there wouldn’t be a dearth of conversation.  Though I must say tonight was more subdued than most outings.  I guess it’s the end-of-term-lots-of-exam-marking fatigue.  I’m so looking forward to the term’s end and then we can really PARTY.

Ok, back to the grind.  Have some stuff to say about 9/11 but will save it for another post, another day.


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