got 102 minutes?: of memory & commemoration

In “Remembering Lower Manhattan’s Day of Horror, Without Pomp or Circumstance”, New York Times writer Edward Rothstein writes, “It isn’t memory that is the issue. It is commemoration. Memory, at least right now, is readily summoned. Commemoration is something else altogether.”

Read the complete article here.


At first glance, ground zero is another busy, loud part of New York City construction site with people rushing past. Yet the area is oddly open for the city. And once you look past the obstructions that hide the actual site from curious onlookers, you get the deep feeling that something is missing. The painful truth that steel and human lives have been ripped out of the concrete is revealed in a glimpse of the gaping hole left by the missing towers. It can be measured only by looking at the trucks and people nearby, shrunken, in contrast, to ant size.

– Paul Hoppe, “Perspectives on 9/11” slideshow


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