Got 102 minutes?: dealing with loss and recovery

Borrowed 3 books on 9/11 from the library@orchard; this is a capsule reivew of Tom Murphy’s Reclaiming the Sky: 9/11 And the Untold Story of the Men And Women Who Kept America Flying:

reclaiming the sky cover

My biggest beef: the proofreading was not stringent enough (I found, not one but several glaring errors), and it’s not really strong on factual accuracy (Murphy dubs Marwan Atta’s cousin!), but it does give a unique look at the reactions and actions of several key aviation sector personnel that have hitherto not been subjects of extensive coverage – including the crew of American 77. A former Member of The Job, Murphy doesn’t so much document as undergo the healing process as he attempts to find the keys to “moving forward”, which he claims is specifically different from “moving on”. By the end of the book, he learns 4 key lessons from his aviation friends-in-arms: Soldiering On, Making Connections, Taking Time, and Getting (as well as Giving) Support. I’ll leave readers to decide if this is yet another ‘the terrorists can try but can’t stop us from living our way of life’ mantra, but its message that the only way to defeat pure unadulterated evil is by trying to live lives that exude flashes of pure, unadulterated good does resonate strongly with me, especially as a Member of The Job.


One Response to “Got 102 minutes?: dealing with loss and recovery”

  1. Tom Murphy Says:

    Just a short note to the reviewer for taking a look at my book. I’m grateful for your comments. I am confused by the “Member of the Job” reference however – something the review acknowledges being a member of? Just curious – but again thanks for taking the time to read the book. You can see more details about how we’re putting the themes of the book into action with our non profit effort at BEST, Tom

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