Reflections on TD; term break begins

TD celebrations on 31 Aug was all right; not counting my huge embarassment prancing around on stage playing a pest for the amusement of others. I guess about the only saving grace I had was when I fell but people thought it was all part of an improvised acrobatic roll.  Go figure.  The BOG/BOD/BOT lunch treat at Peach Garden was good.  Seriously good.  It was so good that I couldn’t have dinner afterwards.  Then I started showing signs of the flu yesterday and it got to a point when I decided I had to skip the gathering at L’s place or I’d end up giving everyone a nice bout of illness at the start of the break.  Not a good thing, that. The fever and aches have started to come down quite a bit, and I hope it goes away soon.  Like tomorrow. I have quite a bit of things to do, even though it’s the break.

No TD reflection will be complete without my thoughts on the way my new workplace celebrates it. For one, we did not say The Pledge. For another, I was quite surprised at the unabashedly profuse amount of affection our charges had for us.  Once again, it was nice to have my preconceptions overturned.  I had assumed that, being young adults and all, our charges would maintain a detached and even aloof response on TD.  Imagine my surprise to see the common room besieged by flowers, chocolates, home-made gifts and other manifestations of their appreciation and affection.  And it was doubly nice that they remembered me too.  7A’s personal touch was well, touching, and 7D’s clever take on my apparent verbosity was not lost on me 🙂 6F made me realise once again why non-members of The Job will not get this whole fuss about TD; it’s about people –  the people who are nurtured whom we nurture and those who take on the awesome responsibility of nurturing them.


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