Got 102 minutes?: ‘Twin Towers’ is short, all right

Was browsing at HMV yesterday and picked up the Oscar-winning documentary short Twin Towers:

 twin towers dvd cover

I had read that this work was shaped around footage shot by Law and Order producer Dick Wolf for his new reality show about Emergency Services Unit (ESU) cops, so I was really hoping for a compelling piece of story-telling.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case.  While we learn some about Squad 3 and the people that make up life as an ESU cop, too much time is spent on profiling John Vigiano, one half of the Twin Towers.  Apart from photos, we never even get to learn anything meaningful about his firefighter brother John Jr, which is a real shame since you’d think the title calls for at least some coverage of John’s life and his work. Okay, so it’s a short, but the documentary really feels incomplete without it.  The music stirs of heroism and unmet promises, though. With three weeks to go before the 6th anniversary of 9/11, this documentary is a fitting reminder of the everyday heroism of public servants who put their lives on the line each day, in this age of terrorism.


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