Trance Around My Blog #7: Wearing the music

Ever since I purchased (and wore, and got Jono and Tony to sign on) my grey Anjuna tee, and especially after my last purchasing debacle with, I’ve been coveting the following for quite some time now:

charcoal grey tee

men’s black tee

I don’t understand why The Shop never bothers to stock up on bigger sizes, or bring in more numbers in one shipment. It’s like they pride themselves in keeping their merchandise off the shelves. And the best thing is, they send me an email saying that an item is now in stock, but a check on their website reveals otherwise.  WTF?  I’m so tempted to bring my grey tee to Bangkok and get one of the hundreds of T-shirt designer vendors stationed in places like MBK to make me a whole Anjuna line. That would be a huge “S**ew you” to The Shop, wouldn’t it?


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