final inning before terms

So Time does fly, and with turbo-charged speed, we’re heading toward the final innings with the scores still – unknown.  Some of my charges don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation,  judging by their admittedly hilarious inventions in their essay plans.  It hasn’t come down to the wire yet, and there’s the one-week break for those who need to do catch up, but I am seriously worried.  Maybe for no good reason, but something tells me there’s always a good reason to worry.

So it’s the Department’s turn to get photo-opped today, and the ladies all dolled themselves up nicely and everything, except The Boss didn’t show.  What’s up with that, I don’t know.  I could see some pretty dissed faces.  I know it’s not easy to wake up at 5 in the morning and try to look like Christie Brinkley without much success.

It’s taken a while, but the routine has started to settle in.  I’m not unhappy or anything, but it’s true something the routine can get you down, especially if it’s more of the same and you aren’t in the right frame of mind to blaze a trail that will add colour to your life.  Which is why I’m kinda pissed the iShop people didn’t get back to me regarding the DJing workshop.  That would have been really something to look forward to.  Especially after the disaster of Wednesday. I have been feeling pretty tired lately – I’m even yawning as I’m typing this.  Whether it’s just fatique or boredom or a dangerous cocktail of both I don’t know.  All’s I’m saying is I can’t wait for the term break.  But first, I have to play the fool, be some comic relief, next Friday, before it can happen.


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