Countdown to the National Day holiday long weekend

Just returned from a night of reunion feasting with my former Members of The Job – AW, ML, YT, PT, AF, Mrs AF, YH, and HS – to belatedly celebrate MH and LQ’s birthdays. PT always knows the best places for food. I didn’t even notice that the coffeeshop was stuffy – we were having so much fun catching up and ribbing one another (goodnaturedly, of course). Again, everyone says I seem happier, so I guess it must be true. They didn’t know I had loads of marking in my bagpack to prove otherwise. Well, actually it really isn’t so bad after all. Now the question is whether I will be so buddy-ish with my current Members of The Job. Time will definitely tell.

Tomorrow’s a short day – celebrating the nation’s 42nd year of existence with songs and performances in the early half of the morning – then it’s a 4-day long weekend. A rarity for people who do not experience the annual Memorial Day hiatus, and some people I know are already taking advantage of the break to catch a short breather overseas or to visit family up north. Me, I’ve gotta date with lots of marking. Yeesh. And WS’ schedule is packed as well, so no breaks for us this time.


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