Enough with the Affirming and Active Listening; let’s get to Personalising & Initiating

Finally got the AQs done; now on to the essays and the outlines and the drafts.  Ooh boy.

Part 2 of Basic Counselling was enlightening, to say the least.  We were introduced to the Carkhuff counselling process model, which starts with a Prep stage, followed by those of Exploring, Understanding and Acting.  I learnt that essentially, besides demonstrating behaviours such as Affirming and Active Listening, we also need to work towards Personalising and Initiating, so that clients are led to take ownership of their concerns and subsequently develop a plan of action to adopt different behaviours in an attempt to resolve the issues. 

Also, (most of) the Noobies met for the very first time to discuss our item for 31 Aug.  We decided to spoof Potter and divided ourselves into the 4 respective Houses that (we conceived) had been expelled from Hogwarts and, as it turns out, need to work together to get reinstated.   Rehearsals should start pretty soon.  I just hope I don’t have to don something like the Barney costume I had to get into in ’06 just to get a rise out of the kids.  The horror, the horror!


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