Trance Around My Blog #3

I must admit I’m rather disappointed with the long-awaited Sean Tyas remix of Above and Beyond pres Tranquility Base Oceanic. Okay, it has some rather big shoes to fill, but Tyas’ interpretation virtually exonerates everyone who mistakens trance for techno. As in mindless, in-your-face, ah beng techno ah. I would much rather have the admittedly predictable sounds of Sunny LAX or Daniel Kandi on the knobs, or have Tony and the boyz allow the proggie likes of Sonorous to problematise the tune. God knows I used to curse at Sonorous’ adaptation of No One on Earth, but you gotta admit – at least it sounds intelligently original. Now I can only hope that Super8 and Tab are able to redeem Oceanic from the depths that Tyas has plunged the tune. And if you’re cringing at my over-wrought prose, let Tyas have a run for your money. You’ll tear the headphones from your ears, screaming. Trust me.


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