kickin’ in the burn

A little Kara-ism (that’s Kara Thrace from RDM’s Battlestar Galactica, in case you missed the reference), I feel, is in order, now that Week 3 (for me only; in actuality, Week 5 of the term)  is truly over and done with, and the fun really starts as we race towards getting the CAs done and preparing for the Promos, which looms over us like a dark and nebulous shadow.  Yesterday, I figured out and typed out the AQ answer key (damn those things are tough!), and now am in the midst the reading through 2 classes’ worth of essay outlines.  Why do we keep doing this to ourselves, I ask myself every time.  Oh yeah, to get as good an education as we need, so that we can go out and there and do it to others in the future.  How could I forget?

Saturday, wanted to watch Simpsons the Movie while Jack went off to see Knocked Up, but tickets were all sold out and so spent the time reading Longitudes and Attitudes at Cathay Cineleisure’s Coke Red Corner.  Now I can’t seem to put it down.  Forget all the things that I don’t agree with Friedman over – what’s really scary is that the man starts off all optimistic that the US has it all correct and after 9/11, gets increasingly frustrated because the White House policymaking peeps can’t (or maybe won’t) GET IT RIGHT.  I’m feeling kinda sympathetic for Friedman at this point – I’m almost halfway through the book – perhaps because he laid out such a suave case for globalisation in Lexus.  And OBL and the Posse of 19 just had to throw a monkey into the wrench (okay, so it was more like 3 planes into 3 buildings).  But it doesn’t change the fact that the world has only gotten more screwy 4 years after the end of Longitudes. At this point I’m not sure if I want to continue on to The World Is Flat.  Maybe I need a break.  I could use one.

Elsewhere significant this week, the Noobs said bye to Pam over lunch, and got some basic insights into counselling and dealing with parents.  And I sorta “conned” YS and LL to scrounge me up some table-warming gifts (actually they were cubicle magnets, but who’s complaining?).  Cos I finally moved down to be with the rest of civilisation.  Only to find my LAN point wasn’t working.  It’ll take invitations to quote, a wait time for at least 3 quotations to come in, then evaluation of those quotations, before appointing the preferred vendor, who will then come in to fix the LAN points. Which will be – quite a while.  In the meantime, I’m surviving on wireless.  YS and LL tell me to go on a decorating spree, but I don’t feel like it just yet.  Maybe when the obs are over and I can breathe a little easier.  Come to think of it, I have never really gone the whole nine yards decorating any of my workspaces, and I don’t know if I want to start now.  Maybe a couple of choice items, but that’ll be it. I’ve already tacked up my spare Starfleet chevron at the front of my cubicle, and maybe I’ll bring my Ops jacket from home, and put up some Above and Beyond or trance paraphernalia, but that should be it. 

On trance, the iShop at Cineleisure is hoping to start a DJing workshop which lets you select from either working with turntables or the Ableton software. Initial details put the package as 8 sessions for $800. I’ve left my name and hopefully it gets off the ground. Have been wanting to call a couple of places to ask about classes but never did get round to it. So now maybe I have a shot at learning a new skill that should take the grind out of the routine.  Stay tuned for updates.


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