CIC Briefing #1: BSG ‘Razor’ trailer released

Here you go, people.  The first look RDM and Co has deigned us to have of the direct-to-DVD movie scheduled to air this November.  No surprises Michelle Forbes returns as the suitably bad-ass Cain; wonder who plays the civvie lady who presumably gets drafted into the Pegasus crew at the start of the trailer.  I hope she’s a new character to be introduced in Season 4.  BTW they still haven’t released the Season 3 DVD boxset which they’d better do before Season 4 airs in Jan 2008 in the US.  Of course, you can view all the episodes on the Internet (sorry I won’t divulge URLs), but what I’m really looking forward to are the special features – the bloopers/outtakes, featurettes, and (please, please!) the Webisodes.  It’s a real shame that RDM and Universal are disputing on ownership rights; given that people outside the US probably haven’t even viewed the webisodes, they really should release them in their entirety on the Season 3 boxset.  As it is, Season 3 airs soon on cable.  If you’re intending to follow the season, do try to get your hands on the webisodes from the Internet (again, I won’t divulge URLs, though I must say it’s notoriously difficult for me to find them) before getting into Season 3. You won’t regret it, I promise.  The show really comes into its own in Season 3. Pity Season 4’s gonna be the last. But there’s nothing quite like going out with a bang. Smart move, Mr RDM.


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