Day 3: How to get the quiet ones to respond?

Have 2 entire piles of files to go through.  Okay my bad, since I called for them, but really, it’s painful but also the fastest way I can get a handle on their language ability and dedication to the work – one was so bereft of material that I politely quipped to its owner – “your file seems to have gone on a diet” – love it when you can say such things and you get a wry smile instead of blank stares of utter bewilderment.  But most since to have their stuff in order, so it shouldn’t be too painful.  How do you come up with AFIs when there – generally – aren’t any?  Haha.

On the nitty-gritty side of things, it’s going okay so far.  Honestly I haven’t come across a situation when you’ve run over and people are not more concerned about packing bags and tables and they actually don’t mind that extra five minutes because they’re so into it.  Or at least, I hope they are.  It’s been some time since I’ve had people come up to me after it’s over to thank me or chat a bit – so I hope it’s a sign I’m doing something right.  Though sometimes I’m like waiting for the proverbial skeleton in the closet to pop out,  in the back of my mind thinking when will the dream be over?

Okay, over-thinking things again. I guess it’s better to take things a day at a time.  One of the perennial issues I’m mulling hard about is how to get the quiet ones to respond, so that you don’t lose them in the quickening fog of discussion (why is it that I’m so taken with ‘fog’ – used it twice already).  Short of asking them to respond.  I need to find some way that will self-incentivise them to respond.  Easier said than done, obviously. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line. Much appreciated.

Still, it goes on.  Seeing the last batch tomorrow and Friday, naturally a little apprehensive, but reasonably hopeful.  So now I have to go back to file-checking, or start work on a couple of scripts.


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