first day

just a couple of thoughts before it gets so crazy days bleed into each other and things get lost in the fog of memory.

Day 1 was, all things considered, ok. Met up with 7D and 7A and had 2 distinctly different responses. It all boils down to motivation – motivating them to speak up, express their opinions, encourage them by creating a non-threatening environment that spurs them to want to contribute. Being open to new ideas and suggestions and being very conscious of not putting anyone down, but rather rationally showing how the arguments/opinions can be improved. At the same time, making sure the others are following the discussion and benefiting from it. It’s walking a delicate line.

That being said, I feel things look promising because there’s definitely a high when your charges respond and more importantly, seem to be thinking and considering your suggestions. It makes you feel valuable and simultaneously, lays down an awesome sense of responsibility on your feet to make sure you’re adequately prepared and know where you’re driving. Because they know.

Admin-wise, managed to get the basics up and running – computer access, desk (actually personal) copies of texts, preliminary discussions with mentor and LH. Inaugural choice of canteen food seems correct; wonder if there are any gastronomic mysteries that await my accquaintance. Content-wise, there are lots of materials available – it all boils down to how to use them fruitfully. It’s mentally exhausting and draining but I guess worth it.

Going to end this and continue my reading before turning in.


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