thoughts on the eve of a new day

ok, gotta couple minutes before I actually decide if I should go to bed, or continue flipping through some of the material that I was given on Friday. Or I could start putting some stationery and basic things I want to bring tomorrow. Or lay out the clothes. But in my mind I’m thinking why stress myself out more than I already have? I don’t need to bring every piece of stationery I got. I can’t possibly understand and remember everything I read, even if I were to slavishly thumb through all the stuff over the weekend. It’s better to start with the basics, and add on from there. I did look through Issues and Ideas over yesterday and the structure is pretty much identification, paraphrase and application. Some of the views looked dubious in fact, or maybe it’s my over-taxed brain running on adrenaline again. Time will tell.

Instead I spent a large part of today looking through Saturday’s and today’s newspapers. It’s a little bit disconcerting getting through the articles and trying to look for the main arguments because let’s face it – I have not been doing any serious reading for quite some time now. And it shows. Hope the rustiness will wear off though – I’m trying to think and evaluate things in the GP way, to prepare for how I should go in and conduct the lessons. Always trying to surface more evidence, then weighing them to test for reliability, validity and all the rest of it. Stationery and attire are the least of my problems now. Getting a handle on all things GP is the priority. Ok, I’m getting stressed and intimidated all over again just thinking about it.

Watched Die Hard 4 with Jack yesterday. Lots of room for improvement. Because I had stayed up quite late on Friday on account of dinner with my sis that ended late, I was trying hard to stay awake during the movie. Got a 160GB portable hard disk at a pretty good price for WS, and went over to transfer the data to her desktop. Unfortunately, it’s been hit by some kind of trojan horse virus, which NAV cannot remove completely. I wanted to help solve the problem, but really I had lots of other things on my mind, and I guess it’ll just have to wait.

Ok, I’m going to stop here and go to bed. Fingers crossed for a good start tomorrow.


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