Trance Around My Blog #2

i miss those times.

This was taken after Above and Beyond’s 2nd outing in Singapore, @ Zouk on 17 June 2006. The USA was playing Czech during the World Cup and clubbers paid more attention to the game than to Tony and Jono’s set.

Thinking back to when Above and Beyond first spun in Centro on 2 August 2003. That time I left early because WC wanted to leave. Way to early. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Cos they usually save the best for last.

My second chance – when Tony and Jono played @ Zouk KL in October 2005. And this time I stayed till the end. Super awesome set.

But pity didn’t make it for their NYE gig in KL 2005. Neither did I attend their Jarkata gig sometime, I think, in late 2006.

But then June came, and they were so wildly received that they returned once more to work the decks at Zouk on 16 December 2006, which was when this picture was taken:

paavo and jono @ zouk singapore, 16 december 2006

It was great seeing Paavo for the first time cos he rarely tours, according to Jono and Tony, because of family commitments. I wonder when, if anything, will they return to play in SG again. Probably 2008 if we’re lucky. I wouldn’t mind going up to KL or even to Jarkata to hear their set again, if time permits.

Come back soon, guys!


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