the adventure is just beginning

Haven’t been writing in a couple of days, because it has been a whirlwind of a week. Running to and from interviews, marking work, going into various classes, has been hectic, but it was on the whole a good, enjoyable, positive experience, which I honestly needed if I was going to consider seriously staying on in The Job, cos let’s face it – the past few months have not been easy. Some of my older temporary charges were actually bright but more importantly nice chaps, so it made all the difference. The younger ones’ enthusiasm was infectious, and with 203 I had one of the best Lit sessions I had in a LONG time. And I mean long. It was also a pleasant surprise to find COW there and catching up with him, albeit for a short while.

Then HCi makes the offer late on Thursday, and the decision was not made without any heart-wrangling consideration. But once it was made, things just rolled into place. Did the formalities, got a short briefing from Boss, and a longer run-down of the place and some tips on how to get things started from EL. Tomorrow it’s the med check (hopefully I can wake up early and settle it fast), and then it’s off to watch Die Hard 4 with Jack, and get WS’s harddisk fixed. I plan to spend most of Sunday reading as much as I can (was given lots and loads of useful materials), cos I have an early start Monday.

Like I told lots of people, it’s hitting the ground running, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Boss says he’ll come in in the early days as a gesture of support, so that should be a good thing. In any case, I’ve made my decision. I WANT to do well in the new place, so I hope I can stay positive, focused and be pretty quick on the uptake when it counts.


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