hauling ass cross-country isn’t fun

Just reached home. Total, unadulterated exhaustion. Man has it been a long day.

Long but productive though. Time really flies when you’re on The Job. Had a bit of problem with the overlapping schedule but my experience on Day 1 was mostly positive. Although I didn’t get to do everything I wanted, the response was not too bad and really helped to smooth things over on the first day back on The Job, especially the friendly smiles and wecloming faces. I do miss being on The Job though – that I can’t deny. Whether it becomes a conviction to stay on in The Job is another thing. But all things considered, a good restart.

Then going cross-country for interviews! Spent like 30 bucks on cabs and luckily I wasn’t late for anything. It was enjoyable talking to the RJ panel, though it was a bit scary when they kept adding people to the mix. Another lesson learnt – it doesn’t really hurt to bring your portfolio, even though they may say they don’t need it. A vital part of branding yourself really – which is what interviews are basically all about. And it was good to have my myths about them debunked, even as I am aware of the challenging nature of the work. You gotta be brainier than the brainiacs, as they say.

Then it was onto the Wild Wild West of Jurong to find out more about the editing position. Job seems interesting enough; pity about the pay. The most interesting thing that happened was the need to take a test – sort of editing about 10 sentences – which I finished in about 7 minutes, which surprised (pleasantly, I hope) my would-be boss. Frankly, it offers a different kind of work but it they would only reconsider about the remuneration. The location also ain’t too ideal. Well, fingers crossed.

To top it up, HCi scheduled a Part Two for tomorrow, just before NEA’s. And running back and forth cross-country meant I literally had to do the coordinating on the cab. Thank God the cabbie knew his way or it would have been another task of guiding him on my plate. Now I know how WS feels about running back and forth and doing things like snacking, making phone calls, and replying email – things we take for granted there’s time to work on – while in transit. When exactly did life in SG become this severely time-compressed, accelerated experience, I wonder?


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