Couch potatoes, transform and roll out! (to watch Transformers the movie)


Watched Transformers yesterday with Jack and Kam. With all the hype, some bad reviews and lots of opinions about Michael Bay’s directorial style, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. The pacing was good, and so were the touches at humour, and the action – lots of it, especially in the second half of the movie when the Decepticons brought it on – it was lock and load all the way. Only two things got in the way of total, unsurpassable enjoyment: my bad for not noticing the timing of the advanced booking being 3.05 AM, and although we managed to get seats for the 3.55 PM show, we had to sit in the first row and crane our necks a little bit. The other thing was a plothole nitpick that kinda got to me:

WARNING: if you haven’t seen the movie, just skip the next couple of lines:

Just how the hell did that black computer nerd decrypt the Transformers’ hieroglyphics to uncover the Project Iceman info, when no one else in the government could do it? For me, this was a HUGE loophole that really spoiled my enjoyment of the movie, because it turned out to be the government’s only lead to tracking down what the Decepticons had uncovered – the knowledge of Sam and the glasses. It’s all Jack’s fault – I guess his TWOP obsession has rubbed off on me too.

I’m supposed to read up on CNP on its website as instructed by them, and also find out how the hell to get to their offices for the interview tomorrow, but I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning, after I come back from passing SJI the stuff they want. From Tuesday onwards, I’ll be doing relief for them for at least the next two weeks, at the end of which all the organisations should have come back to me about whether I get a second shot or not. Oh well, at least I get paid for the next two weeks.


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