‘Cheong-ing’ at Casa LNW

Realisation No. 1: I ABHOR puking
Realisation No. 2: I HATE liquor

Of course, 1 led to 2, but I must say tonight’s gathering was one of the most enjoyable ever since I left The Job. We (Mrs PT, CHS, TML, BAW, LLQ, LT, NPL, AF, Mrs AF and myself) had gathered for a traditional Chinese dinner to celebrate (belatedly) Mr PT’s birthday, and I must say getting updated on what’s happened and what’s new, I was in for quite a surprise at what for me seemed to be really unexpected changes. But that’s life I guess. The other thing was that I found myself behaving quite differently with my ex co-workers once I am now longer part of the organisation. I was definitely happier, more at ease with myself and, strangely, more polite and collegial than in the past. I suppose it’s the whole ‘outside looking in’ mentality kicking in. Once you’re no longer a part of something, you tend to view it with other kinds of filters.

After dinner, LT invited us over for a night-cap (if you can call it that), and we didn’t leave until 2 am. I felt kinda embarassed when they were all gawking and my certs and everything, as I didn’t feel particularly meritorious or having really acheived something worth mentioning. But if they were trying to make me feel better and look on the positive side of things, it was really nice of them. But it was a good way to end a day of interviews.

And speaking of interviews, I learned never to trust shuttle buses. Splurge on cabs instead. You’ll feel much better and more prepared without beads of sweat on your clothes. Other than that, things went ok. The first and the last one lasted about an hour, while the middle one took only about 35 minutes. And I was really banking on making a good impression to the panel of the second one. It was also the most harrowing of interviews so far, because the panel was made up of really accomplished people with credentials that made me feel a little intimidated. Anyways, all of them told me there would be a second round (or more), and I would hear from them latest in two weeks about whether I am still, to use a Survivor term, ‘on the island’. Then CNP called and scheduled one for next Monday, so I guess that’s a good thing. But all in all, it looks like July will be another month of waiting and hoping.

Hearing what IBN had to say made me realise that I really have to decide between going back to corp comms or staying a member of The Job. On the one hand, I feel that I have more success in corp comms, have definitely greater competencies in doing the work, and would probably face a shorter learning curve if I need to hit the ground running (most definitely). On the other hand, I feel like I should give myself a chance again on The Job because with a new environment, who knows what I can acheive? But somehow it feels like I have something to prove to myself and to my ex-bosses, which I know is a ridiculous thing cos they of all people don’t really matter to me anymore. The smart money says go with corp comms, probabilities of success are higher there, but something in my head tells me I’m not done with The Job yet.

It really feels like a crossroads in my life, where taking one path means foregoing all others forever. Scary, isn’t it? What’s scarier is that when I talk to people about this to get a second, third and fourth opinion, they’ll all end up saying, “It’s your life. You have to decide.”

Okay, I really have to stop here and try to sleep off this hangover or else I’ll be stoning throughout Transformers tomorrow.


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