Trance Around My Blog #1

Was re-listening to the Anjunabeats Volume 2 compilation and this track (No. 2) just sent me all a tizzy:

i kill for u

Yes, people, it’s the Probspot remix of Endre’s I Kill For You. Usually I’m more an uplifting fan, but recently there have been lots and lots of good progressive sounds and this is one of them. Chunky and the synths do great great things. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, taken from the Anjunabeats Online forum, Trance Around the World will shift its broadcast day to Fridays from Tuesdays currently. The ostensible reason, as Above and Beyond’s Tony McGuinness puts it, is that “[w]ith so many of the show’s listeners now tuning in on Friday, we wanted to be in a weekend mood when we make the show, which is full of weekend music in any case.”

It doesn’t really affect me either way, since I usually listen to the replays, but it does feel a bit of a bummer cos I now have to wait till Fridays to track down the playlisted choons. Ah well.


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