got 102 minutes?: Hispanic dustvoices tackle tragedy & redemption

Another word
for scattered dreams
in the streets.

Just finished the last of the 3 books I borrowed two Saturdays ago at Central Library – Cinnamon Girl by award-winning Hispanic poet and author of children’s stories Juan Felipe Herrera.

Cinnamon Girl

I found this book a refreshing read, not least because it takes the form of a quasi-narrative of poetry and letters that document the Cinnamon Girl’s attempts to keep her manda – promise, or more accurately, solemn oath – that she makes in exchange for her uncle’s waking up from his coma suffered while helping people escape from the WTC. Reading it made me realise how little I am aware of Hispanic literature and culture. The university introduced me to Ralph Ellision, Maxine Hong Kingston and V S Naipaul, but I don’t remember us looking at any Hispanic writers or poets. Herrera’s fidelity to his roots and his preponderance of Spanish lexicon can sometimes be an alien and alien-ating experience, but it is nevertheless a commendable attempt to represent the Latino experience of 9/11. More such works, please.


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