goodbye white strands, hello perky trim

Things feel like they’re looking up.  ITE and RJC called to ask for basic info; no promises or anything, but a call’s a call, right? 

Anyway, so I finally dragged myself out to do my hair today.  Was kinda surprised when the lady told me I hadn’t stepped into the salon since 2004.  Now that’s long.  And here I thought it was more like 2005. Goodbye white strands and hello neat trim as well.  Leafed through the Maxim they placed in front of me and hello, here’s an unlikely article about who’s the Main Man in Al-Qaeda now.  Come on.  In Maxim?  You think guys who buy (notice I didn’t say read) Maxim give a frakkin’ shit about fundamentalist plans to outlaw the ogling of scantily-clad babes behind the covers of a magazine?  Oh wait a minute maybe…

Honestly, what I really don’t care for at salons is how they keep pushing to buy their stuff and re-sign with them for more good years of haircare.  Let’s face it – it can be a turn-off and can potentially backfire on you if your clients aren’t about to make impulse decisions.  I’d say let’s stick with the professional hair-messin’ and maybe, just maybe, they’ll like your service so much they’d consider.  But of course what do I know about the cut-throat ways out there today to make a mere buck?  Hell, I’d probably do the same if I wasn’t so natty with a pair of styling scissors and a dye bath.

I’d also picked up the Nancy Drew soundtrack today.  (What’s up with me and little blonde sleuth anyway?) It was ok but I was only really impressed with the song they played in the penultimate scene, ‘Like A Star’ by Corinne Bailey Rae.  ‘Kids in America’ by The Donnas had a nice rock feel to it, though I can swear it’s a cover from somewhere.  The Flunk cover of ‘Blue Monday’ is a refreshing change but I’d have to listen to it more to really give an informed opinion.  I was really hoping they had included the end credits track but hell no.  Now I need to find out what the title is.

I finally found and bought a B4 file for my laminated certs. From JE Popular, no less. It’s amazing what you can find in the heartlands that Orchard Road just gives a miss. 

Gonna end off with the call that came in this afternoon while I was napping from some of the members of The Job.  They were raggin’ me about going to lunch, which brought back some memories cos we always used to go for lunch at the end of a long, hard day at work.  That’s something that we never used to do back in PR – well, not in the last year.  We’d be so busy rushing DB or something that we’d just race to the cafeteria, packet the first type of bad food there was and rush back up, eating at our tables while waiting for our submissions to come back.  No more going out in Z’s car to the old hawker centre at Botanic Gardens for some nice roti john and teh alia, followed by lots of ooh-ah-ing while taking a slow tour of the grand houses along Tanglin and Dempsey Road.  I guess looking back, that was partly why I had to go too.  But on a positive note, things apparently are better there now.  People are taking turns to buy breakfast for their buddies.  Not much of that happening in my day.  Anyway, I also got to speak to CPK some and he talked about how’s it going and what about heading out for a trance party when things are up? I’m all up for that.  Now it’s all about the wait till Friday.  The PR genes even had me cooking up some neat possible FAQs and their possible replies.  Ran them by some people and so far, they seem ok.  Fingers crossed.


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