getting a clue from ‘Nancy Drew’

As it turned out, I stayed up till 5.40 am last night sending resumes. Ok, so it was more like 3.30 and the rest of the time was site surfing, but hey, cut me some slack, alright? Then I went to get my certs laminated, and I went to JE branch library to check out the 9/11 books they had. Leafed through 3 and read a chapter or two of one – more detailed thoughts about that at another time.

And then I thought, why not catch Nancy Drew? My take – Emma Roberts is cute. Also, there’s a dress that she wears at her birthday party in the movie that abs fabs. Here are just two shots of it but I wish I could show you the shot where she looks absolutely stunning doing some kinda retro dance – I forgot the name.

front shot of that cool dress

This one is from the side:

profile shot of the dress

Ok, I really gotta get myself a job cos I’m TALKING ABOUT DRESSES! How more gay can I get? No, don’t answer that.

Anyway, the opening scene was really stupid but the way they set up the mystery with a ‘haunted’ house, secret passageways, gruff caretaker, long-lost daughter, and discovering clues in dreams is pretty much just tolerable. Tip for the sequel – lose the fat kid, and give Drew some dark, brooding mystery man to slobber all over, not that nit of a Ned who tries too hard pretending to be retro SNAG.

And retro the movie does turn up – how everyone digs the roadster and penny loafers and vinyl. It’s not easy considering the original Drew series started way back in 1930, but it seems uncomfortable transplanting the Ingrid Bergman movie star diva type into 21st century Hollywood-rica. It’s like they decided to update the series but forgot which direction the vinyl groove was moving in, so in the end the movie seems stuck between two eras. One saving grace was the soundtrack – it wasn’t too bad. I would consider getting it if I wasn’t so, well, not crazy over it.

Still, there’s hope yet. Emma Roberts (did I mention she’s cute?) is signed on for a sequel, so if they’d just iron out the kinks, it should be another franchise disguising as brain food for female empowerment. Oh, and before I wrote this, I kinda thought Roberts has a young Audrey Hepburn kinda vibe, but I’m not sure now. Only time will tell.

After the movie, DS called so we met up for a while at Holland V. I had the chance to taste the famous Katong laksa again:


And then I got to thinking how sad it is that places and, indeed, many experiences in Singapore get delocalised so quickly and easily. But perhaps the ‘Katong’ in Katong laksa is more a brand than a location, evoking at the mere mention the culinary traditions so famously associated with that area. Then there was that controversy a few years back about which stall really sells ‘authentic’ Katong laksa. Judging by the PRCs that were cooking and serving up the stuff, I guess it’s really a moot point at this point.

Going to do my hair (god that IS so gay saying it) tommorow for Friday. Have to make a good impression on SJI and HCI right? I wish they wouldn’t all take place on Friday, but then again, it’s the shortest day of the week for members of The Job after all.


5 Responses to “getting a clue from ‘Nancy Drew’”

  1. lokimikoj Says:


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  2. megan Says:

    hey OMG i totally love that dress like seriously i want it for my sweet sixteen its like my dream dress haha i wanna find out where i can get it somewhere haha

  3. me001 Says:

    love the dress too!:)

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