`send in your documents via email’ = PDF them (duh me!)

Another thing learnt during job hunting online. Something they NEVER tell you in the ads, just ‘send in this application form, together with all relevant documents, via email to [email addy]”. Hello, wouldn’t hurt to add ‘we accept docs in PDF format’, right? Luckily, I stumbled on the idea from NP’s online application website, and so I’m going over to WS’ place later to scan every single scrap of document deemed important by the HR Powers That Be so that I can attach them to my applications. I just hope her scanner can PDF stuff or else I’m screwed, because certain sites have a file upload limit, and Word docs just look so…uncool.

Sniffed quite a number of corp comms openings in this weekend’s papers – ok, not that many, but a few that, fingers crossed, look promising. I’m waiting on HCL’s callback next week. Meanwhile, members of The Job restart everything tommorow, but it’ll be the first time in 3 years that I won’t be. At first I thought it would seem a big deal to me, but I guess not. It’s not tommorow yet, anyway, so there’s still plenty of time to get nostalgic, in between buying stamps and getting certificates laminated. Oh and by the way, my sinuses’re giving me hell cos of handling those dusty certs. I swear that and moving house and spring-cleaning are mortal enemies of my nose.


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